Lighting savings

I had 10 can lights in the living room ceiling with old incandescents, and I turned them on while looking at the Sense monitor. Bam! 600 watts. I went through the entire house and checked every light bulb, then took the list to Lowes and spent $500 to replace every incandescent bulb with LEDs. That was another $40-$50 per month off the utility bill.

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  1. Recessed lights are generally far worse then they first appear on your sense reports. The ‘recessed’ portion of the name means that they penetrate the ceiling, often into insufficiently insulated, and air sealed spaces (since insulation is illegal around most such fixtures). This means that the fixture is constantly losing heat, and when on, is forcing more heat through any openings by the stack effect. Replacing with flush mount LEDs (and sealing the holes the wires come through) is a huge win.

    Thank you kindly.

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