Hot water recirculation is convenient and costly!

I’d read an article about an efficient hot water recirculation pump that was very efficient. It used about 5 W and had smarts that anticipated when the household demands hot water. I installed it in our newly constructed home, and was delighted with the instant hot water! After I installed Sense I noticed that our hot water energy usage was higher than expected. By eliminating the hot water recirculation I was able to halve the energy we were using for water heating. The water heater dropped from around 15% to 7% of our total energy usage!

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I tracked our hot water device energy usage in December. On January 1, I disabled the hot water recirculation pump, and disconnected it from the hot water lines. Hot water energy usage dropped from $39 in December to $11 in January! It has since fluctuated, and remains less than half of what it used to be.

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  1. Check out my post from a month before yours on how I run my recirc unit on an HS110 Energy and automate it with routines in Alexa. I only run it for six minutes before showers in the master bath. Works great and uses almost no energy, yet saves lots of water and sewer.

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