Dirty Sump Pump

This is not the usual energy hog story but nevertheless SENSE has other ways of flagging problems in your home. So we all know that sound the sump pump makes when it’s pumping water out that’s entering your sump pit, right? Well the fact is you wouldn’t really know the sump pump stopped working until it’s too late and you had a flood. It’s not like you’re constantly checking for water right. So one of the first things my SENSE found was the sump pump. It kept notifying me one night that it found the sump pump. Over night it had come on and off like 30 times yet I didn’t hear of feel the vibration of it. And I can usually hear it. I decided that either that was not the sump pump it found or something was wrong. I opened it and found a decent amount of water in there which was the first bad sign. I used my hose to flush the pit with water and the Sense went on and off again. I starting removing my sump pump and found the pit was full of debris and so the pump was clogged. All I had to do was clean the pit and hose the pump down. No replacement needed.

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I used Sense to test if there was really a sump pump issue by filling the pit with water a few times and seeing if I received notification, which I did. After the clean up, I repeated the process only now I could hear the sump pump throughout the house as it should be. Having had a flood in the past I estimate that this saved me about $6,000. That water would have built up over time and flooded my basement possibly when I was away from home.

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