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I found a buildup of minerals in the well pump pressure switch diaphragm affecting both the cut on and cut off pressures. It was a 30-50 PSI factory set switch and was running from 20-75psi due the the buildup! I took the pressure switch apart and thoroughly cleaned the diaphragm parts, after cleaning it was running in the 20 psi range but was 50-70 psi. I adjusted the pressure settings to 30-60 as I am okay with the pressure drop and allows the pump to cycle less as opposed to the 40-60 I would normally set for a 2 story house.

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I've had sense exactly 1 week upon writing this, and one of the first devices it found was my well pump. I am on a deep well, so I don't hear the pump running and noticed in Device Power meter that sometimes the pump would run for 40-60 min or more several times a day. I first set up an alert to send a notification if it ran for more then 2 minutes and it seemed to coincide with our water usage, but would also run in the middle of the night when there was no usage. At first, I thought Sense had misidentified the device, so I took off the cover to the pressure switch and force to the pump on while watching the Power Meter. It matched the curve it identified perfectly, so it was accurate! After some investigating and understanding all the components to the well system, the only thing that made sense that would cause the issue was the pressure switch. The max amps of the pump is 1262W, and assuming it ran 4 times/day for an hour, the total ~ 5KWH/Day (1262W/1000KW*4H). Given my energy rate in Ohio as $0.0938 I estimate a monthly savings of $14. The bigger possible savings here is the reduced wear and tear on the well pump, especially since it was dead heading and running at max amperage for an extended period. Additionally the increased strain on the plumping due to increased pressure that could result in other failures and/or water damage.

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