Trane XL 950 is only as good as it’s programmed

We were seeing bills of $700 for Jan/Feb. We purchased a Trane system with the most efficient heat pump and the Cadillac of thermostats the XL950. The first winter we saw savings but nothing like we were expecting. We couldn’t figure out why this much more energy efficient system was still costing as much as it was. This is where Sense came into play. It helped me to identify times of the day when energy was spiking along with realizing our system wasn’t working as I expected.

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Utilizing Sense I could see the emergency heat was getting utilized a lot more than expected. After some review, I realized the thermostat was set to react fast and without lockouts. Essentially functioning as a $40 thermostat. I was able to redo the setup with temperature lockouts and let it slowly recover. We went from having two $700 electric bills a month, to two $400. With continued monitoring, we moved the thermostat to a new location and our high energy months don’t even hit $300. Living in a location with just full electric options, Sense has allowed us to get a better handle on reducing our footprint. It’s also been a great tool while we are researching solar options.

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