Started with a flooded basement

After some heavy rains I woke to a flooded basement. I got out the pump, dried everything out, next rain, same problem. Called out a waterproofing company and got a quote for $6200 to keep it dry. Then the bad news. I’d have to fix the collapsing wall first. The wet dirt had caused a basement wall to crack. There is an expense! Called out a foundation specialist, said the wet soil needed to be fixed. Called in a grading company to help divert water away from the house, but it was too muddy, they would check back in a few weeks. So, I was playing with my sense and realized my well pump was coming on every 2 minutes. Looking back almost 3 months, it was only coming on about 40 times a day. As you guessed, the soggy part of my yard was where the water line ran from my pump house to my basement. Replaced the water line, a week later the yard dried up and the basement never leaked again. Ended up costing $2200 for a simple basement wall repair, but could have been much worse and more expensive. My pump is now back to running only a fraction of what it was.

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Looked and compared several months worth of data to realize my well pump was running over 10 times more a day than it used to.

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