Sense Saves My Back!

This is not your typical Sense Saves story… This is not about how I saved money, but rather how Sense saved my back (literally)!

Before Sense, I plugged everything that didn’t need to be powered behind my living room television setup into a power strip so that I could avoid the vampire draw… The power strip is in the back of my AV cabinet, and I have to do a little bit of physical acrobatics to get behind to turn it off (yes, I probably should have used a smart plug, but didn’t)…

Well, I discovered through Sense that my actual savings by performing this feat of acrobatics was very minimal (i.e., it didn’t register any meaningful energy savings when I turned the power strip off).

So as a result, Sense saved my back (and avoided the inconvenience of reaching back behind my AV setup to flip the power strip off)!

I consider this a big win…even though it doesn’t amount to savings in dollars and cents!

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After turning everything off and letting the power meter "settle down", I turned off the power strip and noted that the "needle" didn't move. The meter has some natural fluctuation, and turning off the power strip did not create any noticeable change in that fluctuation.

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