Sense helped us avoid food poisoning

Smart oven had been set up to cook a roast over several hours during the day. About 4 hours in, we noticed the oven was off. There was some residual heat inside, but we had no idea how long it had been cooking versus off. There were no smart oven logs to help either. We could turn it back on and hope it had not been in the food poisoning zone for long, but there had to be a way to find out for sure.

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I realized Sense would provide a visual log showing me when the oven cycled on and off, so I could see to the second when cooking started and stopped. I opened Sense, found the oven, and instantly saw that the oven was on for only one hour then off for 3. Goodbye, $40 roast. Not interested in food poisoning tonight. This was the first time our oven has had a problem. No doubt because we're 53 weeks into a 52-week warranty period on it. I'll likely continue to use Sense to monitor for other problematic appliance trends on my out-of-warranty devices.

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