Sense helped me notice a failed sump pump

Problem: Faulty Sump Pump
Resolved: Replaced the pump

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I check my Sense app a few times a day in the summer, mostly to see my solar production and power use. A couple days ago I noticed 1000 watts spikes, each lasting about 2 minutes with a 10-11 minute break between them. This went on for about 2 days like clockwork. When hunting for the culprit, I'd stop and listen to a quiet house when the 1000 spike occured in the Sense app to listen if I could hear what was turning on. Nothing. I went to my breaker box and waited for the spike. When the power spiked I flipping switches for all the circuits aside from the Sense and internet connected router circuit until the spike disappeared. I ended up on the label "Sump Pump". Our sump pump very rarely runs so Sense never identified it by name or signature. But over time, enough water had built up in the sump to trigger the pump to turn on, but the pumping mechanism had failed (the pump was 20 years old). So the pump would run for 2 minutes and shutdown (or maybe overheat) before trying again 10 minutes later. The water in the sump was like a warm bathtub. And since the pump was underwater with a sealed lid, I never heard anything. I got a new pump and all is good! I would have never know it had failed until my basement started getting water (probably the next really big storm) without Sense. This one save made it worth it.

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