Sense got me to kick out my renter; Saved my life

My roommate (he / his) had been renting a room off me for about a year. He moved in with me 3 days after I bought my house, so I’ve never actually seen what a “normal” electric bill should look like.

After I received a $450 electric bill in the mail I bought Sense. I installed it myself, and Sense went right to work!

After about a week I realized that my roommate had sometimes been getting high, then in a case of the munchies, preheating the oven, and then passing out. Subsequently leaving the oven on and falling asleep overnight (GASP 😶) I was very….. Displeased with this.

So he was given one last chance, which he broke the next night, when he turned the stove, on put his food on, and went upstairs to his room to play Xbox, I noticed it when the smoke alarms went off, he didn’t. (there was a smoke alarm, going off, IN HIS ROOM).

Being quite upset 😡 I threw his food out the window and shut the stove off. He came down half an hour later (after his game) and was confused that the food he had left burning on the stove was missing. I asked him why he left the stove on unsupervised, and his response to this day astonishes me! He said “cooking isn’t something that needs supervision.” (In case you didn’t know, cooking **IS** something that needs supervision)

His lease was then terminated.

So by leaving the 8,000 Watt oven on overnight it would effectively double my power bill for the week. Doing so 5 times in a week would be the same as 1 month of regular usage!

His rent sure wasn’t covering an extra $400 per month.

So not only has Sense saved $4,800 per year. It has also helped to remove a dangerous Fire Hazard (renter) from probably burning down my house as I lay sleeping in it. I have no problem saying, Sense has literally saved my life.

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Looked in my history and saw the oven was being left on overnight. Almost every night.

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