Sense found a mistake in my thermostat settings

We recently installed stone floors downstairs along with associated in-floor heating. We chose stone for the look / durability, but also hoped that the additional thermal mass would help keep the house cooler in the summer since we have warm-hot days and cool nights most of the year. To do that I thought I programmed all four of the floor heater thermostats to 66 degrees for 11pm to 10am for the summer season.

I was therefore surprised to see a new device show up this morning, that the crowdsourcing picked to be a floor heater. Especially bad given that the air conditioner is running a bit during the daytime during this season. I took a quick look at the Sense device waveform, then because Sense thought it was floor heater, consulted the NuHeat app to find that my Guest Bedroom heat usage waveform matched exactly ! But why was it on ? User error – the Guest Bedroom nighttime setting was 68 degrees ! I was quickly able to adjust the thermostat down.

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Sense helped me quickly find and fix the mis-set thermostat. If I hadn't found this via Sense, and fixed it, the floor heater would have been fighting with the air conditioning until October. Just a small waste, but easy to fix once found. But I never would have found the issue without Sense notifying me.

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