Pool pump replacement saves big on electricity

Living in Florida my pool pump runs 365 days a year. With Sense I was about to see that the new pump that was installed just before I bought the house was consuming over 2,300 watts. This pump operates for 8 hours a day, so it was the largest consumer of electricity after my three large heat pumps.

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I had used an Intelliflo pump on my pool in NJ, so I knew they would save power, just was not sure if it would make sense to replace a brand new pump. I knew the current pump was way to big. While it was nominally rated at 2HP it also had a service factor of 1.1 so it was pulling 2.2 HP worth of electricity. For about $1,000 I bought an Intellipro pump and was very pleased as it exceeded my expectations. I am running it at 1750 RPM and it is drawing just over 400 watts of power. While the flow is a little less, that is fine as the other one was just way over sized. While Sense never fully recognized the old pump it was very useful in letting me turn the pump on and off and by difference on the whole house usage I could see exactly what it was drawing. I probably never would have fully appreciated this without Sense. It looks like this will have a two year payback as it is saving me somewhere between $500- $600 a year in electricity. I might even be able to drop the speed a little more and perhaps shave another 100 watts of power. This should be a no brainer for anyone that has a single speed pump, as most places have much higher power costs than we have. While ours is not cheap, at 11.5 cents per kwh it makes many investments to reduce consumption come out marginal at best. Another win here with Sense.

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