Notification Triggers Lake Pump Inspection

Thought I’d share a quick success story for my Sense device.

Today I got a notification that my lake pump had been abnormally ‘on’ for longer than normal. Since installing Sense a few months back and the device correctly identifying my lake pump, I’d been observing its on/off pattern. I noticed that the pump was usually on for about an hour each time it activated. So I took the opportunity to set a notification that would alert me if the pump ever stayed on for 90 minutes, thinking that would be a sign of something going wrong. Well, today that notification came!

It triggered me to do a visual inspection of our 300’ waterline that runs down our cliff. I thought to myself that there must either be a break somewhere, that the pump wasn’t working correctly (although Sense showed me its power consumption had not changed), or the lower lake levels had plugged or kinked the intake. And sure enough, I found a broken connection in the waterline! Took me about an hour to replace the section and things were back to normal!

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Sense allowed me to identify a problem that I would have never known I had, at least not until it was too late. I could have either had flooding into my house or I could have burnt out my lake pump. Because there was still a small volume of water making it to my water container, my lake pump would have just been running overtime, taking much longer to fill my cistern. Sense noticed a pattern change that got me moving. The unit just paid for itself. Thanks Sense!

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