More “Safety” savings than “Money” savings

My wife & I had just finished cooking baked chicken, and were about to start watching tv. I kept getting alerts that the stove was turning on, and sometimes the oven turning on. I marked the stove alerts as “device not on” because the oven is often confused with the large stove burner. I thought Sense was confusing the heat pump with the stove/oven, then it hit me, we never turned the oven off after dinner was done cooking! We checked, and yup, the oven was still on. It would have been cycling on and off for at least an hour while we ate dinner in front of the TV.

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I have alerts set up to let me know when the large stove burner is on, and when the oven turns on; without these alerts, I never would have known the oven was still cycling on/off until we were done watching our shows after dinner.

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