Identified a poor Fujitsu install immediately

Device: Heat Pump
Make: Fujitsu
Estimated Savings:

We decided to change out our heating system on our small home. Every company that came pushed mini splits. We had 5 quotes all for about the same price. We took the plunge on a Fujitsu system from a larger company in case we ever needed service we wanted a place that had a decent amount of techs working for them. What we didn’t realize was how poorly trained the sales person was. After settling on 3 zones instead of 4 due to cost and a room we don’t use much we had it installed. Everything was great the day after the install when it was 46F out. Fast forward a week and it’s now 4 deg F at night. I woke up to a 60 degree home and a condensor fan that sounded like it was trying to take off to deep space. I opened the Sense app to see almost 6,000 watts of power being drawn and it had been rapid cycling all night. 3 weeks later of back and forth and another frigid night and the company finally did a full load calc on the house…..OOOPS! They under sized it by 40%. My poorly insulated home uses as much power as a house 3-4 times it’s size. Not only that but the rapid cycling was due to a serious leak at a union. The company had to remove the system as it would have doubled our utility bill unless we started insulating. That’s in the plans but our tired old heating was priority. This device and app provided quick evidence that the system was not right from the beginning. I learned a ton about mini splits due to this debacle and if it weren’t for the immediate evidence I would have been questioning for months if the system was correct.

Dehumidifier running constantly

Device: Dehumidifier
Make: Hisense
Model: DH70K1G
Estimated Savings:

I live in a high humidity area and my crawlspace requires a dehumidifier. The settings chosen would leave it running almost constantly. It would have cost $600/year to operate. I was able to modify the settings to get it down to about $300/yr. I am planning to seal up the crawlspace and I expect to gain a little more. I never would have known it used so much power.