15 y.o. water heater replacement

One of the primary reasons I wanted to get a Sense was to see how my 15 year old water heater was doing. After the first month of Sense data, it was looking like the water heater alone was about 15% of my electrical use.
I had already made the decision that when the water heater needed to be replaced, I’d replace it with a hybrid model. As if on cue, and only a month after the Sense was installed, the water heater stopped working.
I decided it would be better to bite the bullet and replace it without attempting a fix. Yes, the hybrid is significantly more expensive, but it should pay for additional cost over traditional electrical water heater w/n five years.

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In the app, I looked back at the use pattern and saw the complete drop off two days before we noticed (stopped on Friday, cold showers on Sunday). I'm still learning the app, so I don't know if an alert on *lack of use* is possible, but that might have tipped me off even earlier to a problem.

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